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​Stages of Armenian Thievery

1. Tendency to armenize Azerbaijani cultural wealth and heritage, Armenian intellectual thievery has sufficient old history. At the root of this are the territorial claims of Armenians to Azerbaijan. Because in order to substantiate territorial claims, it is necessary to own the tangible and intangible (spiritual) heritage of the real owner of the land.

The line of Armenianization goes through several stages, including misappropriation, owning, and finally Armenianization.

1. In order to owning you first of all need misappropriation.

1.1. For this purpose, Armenian performers, singers, etc., who know the Azerbaijani language and are not deprived of relevant talent perceive in the original Azerbaijani works and then widely use and perform them.

1.2. Then, in order to involve a wider Armenian mass (Armenian population) in the process of acquisition, Azerbaijani samples are recorded in Armenian graphics.

1.3. After that, these samples are translated into Armenian, Armenian signs are added, Azerbaijani samples are distorted by creating the maximum Armenian environment (images, characters, names, geographical points, etc.).

Thus, the stage of misappropriation is a stage of widespread use accompanied by robbery, falsification, plagiarism, distortion, which in itself is aimed at the perception and perception of alien mental consequences by the Armenian consciousness as its own..

2. This is owning stage

After a generation or two, that is, after the self-establishment of the Armenian version in the mass consciousness, this stage of self-realization must be substantiated, and appropriate "material" and "scientific" evidence must be found.

2.1. For this purpose, the original samples of Azerbaijan, their modified Armenian versions are artificially obsolete when transferred to material carriers, placed in funds and archives, and finally presented in various foreign sources as Armenian intellectual production (print, publication, etc.).

2.2. At the same time, "scientific" researches and studies are carried out to confirm them, and "scientific" works are written about their Armenian affiliation, origin and antiquity, and "scientific" conclusions are drawn.

Thus, this stage is a stage of owning that covers the theft, forms "scientific" bases and creates "material" evidence.

3. The last stage is the stage of Armenianization.

3.1. Characteristic features of this stage are to open discussions with the real owners of the stolen (owned, misappropriated) samples, to show the Armenian origin of these samples with reference to the already established "evidence" and "research", to confuse and mislead international public and scientific opinion through extensive information propaganda.

3.2. At the same time, the process of creating and reproducing new information, including "scientific" sources, based on false, established "evidence and research" is being organized. This is the creation of a series of fabricated "arguments" based on false roots and references to each other.

Thus, this stage is a stage of hypocrisy accompanied by "Phariseeism.".

Conclusion: These are the ugly goals of the "godfathers" of Armenian nationalism, living for centuries under the illusion of "Greater Armenia" and "genius culture".

To use George Maleville's exact expression a little, to use the Armenian propaganda machine in Marxist ways, to rewrite history in his favor, to subjugate their oppressive goals, desires and traditions, and to shout about theft.

But now times have changed. We are building an independent legal state, which is becoming stronger day by day. We know very well that he does not tell the truth, which distorts what is happening and fabricates lies. Because one lie gives birth to another. It is not a coincidence that the fraud is committed, but an ugly goal and intention.

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