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​Intellectual Property Agency accredits Public Union “For Copyright”

​Intellectual Property Agency accredits Public Union “For Copyright”

Public Union "For Copyright" registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan applied to Intellectual Property Agency for accreditation. Documents and information submitted by the public union in connection with the appeal were analyzed in accordance with the copyright legislation at the Center for Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights under Agency.

Subject and purpose of the activity of the Public Union "For Copyright" is to provide economic rights of authors of musical works, to carry out necessary activities related to this and collective management of those rights, also creation of musical works and its promotion in front of a wide audience, raising the prestige and social significance of this art.

At the meeting of the Accreditation Commission of the Intellectual Property Agency, a positive opinion was expressed on the appeal of the public union. According to the unanimous opinion of the members of the Commission, it was decided to accredit the Public Union "For Copyright" for the period of 5 (five) years.

Certificate on registration (accreditation) of Collective Management Organizations submitted to the representative of Public Union by Head of Legal, Appeal and Internal Control Department of Agency Mr. Igbal Askarov and Director of Center for Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Mr. Najaf Guliyev.

It should be noted that Collective Management Organizations must be registered (accredited) at Intellectual property Agency according to Article 41.3 of Law “on Copyright and Related Rights” of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the “Rules of registration (accreditation) of Collective Management Organizations” affirmed by the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated to September 22, 2011, Number 149.

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