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Joint meeting of working groups responsible for Global Innovation Index was held

Joint meeting of working groups responsible for Global Innovation Index was held

The Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication (CAERC) hosted a joint extended meeting of the working groups responsible for the subcomponents of the Global Innovation Index (GII). The purpose of organizing the meeting is to review the current situation in the field of economic development, identify upcoming tasks and organize effective coordination in this area.

The issue of the GII for 2023 was widely discussed at the meeting, and the participants of the meeting were informed about the position of our country.

Mr. Vusal Shikhaliyev, Head of the Sector at the Department of Economic Policy and Industrial Issues of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of the Secretariat of the Commission, stated that the main goal of the GII, which has been operating since 2007, is to assess the level of innovative development of countries, including promoting innovative initiatives by opening the door for knowledge, exchange and policy dialogue between governments, civil society (including the private sector) and international organizations. It was emphasized that the position of our country in the new index has improved by 4 points compared to the last year as a result of the effective and coordinated activity of all state institutions on GII.

Dr. Kamran Imanov, Chairman of the Board of the Intellectual Property Agency, stated that as a result of continuous economic reforms implemented in Azerbaijan, significant, institutional and functional changes are observed in the field of intellectual property. He also gave information about Azerbaijan's place in the GII and its future opportunities in this ranking.

Mr. Vusal Gasimli, Executive Director of the CAERC, said that in the 2023 rating of the GII, Azerbaijan's position improved by four points compared to the previous year and ranked 89th. Mr. V.Gasimli stated that serious work have been done in our country in this area, and therefore the rating of Azerbaijan will improve even more in the coming years.

At the same time, in order to further improve GII indicators, diagnostics and analyzes were conducted for each indicator based on the matrix prepared by the Commission on Business Environment and International Rankings; general views, the obtained results and general directions of improvement opportunities were discussed, as well as thematic issues related to the sub-indexes for which the relevant state institution is responsible, It was noted that a more detailed examination of indicators of the relevant sub-indicators GII based on methodology and existing realities, determining and implementing necessary measures for improving indicators in this area and organizing effective communication are among the main challenges facing us.

Officials of the Secretariat of the Commission on Business Environment and International Rankings, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, the Ministry of Science and Education, the Intellectual Property Agency, the State Statistics Committee, CAERC and other government institutions participated in the meeting.

The thematic meetings on GII of the relevant working groups of the Commission on Business Environment and International Ranking will continue for two weeks.

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