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June 18 - National Human Rights Day

June 18 - National Human Rights Day

Respect for human rights is one of the main attributes which prove the democracy of society.

The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which adopted on November 12, 1995, prioritized to ensuring rights and liberties of a person as highest objective of the state. Approximately one third of the Constitution of Azerbaijan is directly devoted to the determination and protection of rights and liberties of a person.

All radical positive changes in the direction of ensuring rights and liberties of a person in independent Azerbaijan were possible as a result of large-scale reforms implemented by National Leader Heydar Aliyev.

Many documents were adopted in this field.

According to the decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated June 18, 2007, who successfully continued that policy, every year June 18 is celebrated as "Human Rights Day" in Azerbaijan. This is a clear example of the our independent state attaches high value to person rights.

In recent years, fundamental reforms carried out in all fields in our country ensured further improvement of the mechanisms for reliable ensuring of person rights and liberties. In particular, intellectual property right is considered one of the fundamental rights and liberties. Intellectual property, and especially copyright, is an integral part of cultural rights.
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