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​Further broadening of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the World Intellectual Property Organization was discussed

​Further broadening of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the World Intellectual Property Organization was discussed

On October 25, Mr. Kamran Imanov, Chairman of the Board of Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, had an online meeting with Mr. Habip Asan, Director of the Division for Transition and Developed Countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Noting that our country's cooperation with WIPO is at a high level, K.Imanov expressed his satisfaction with his second meeting with H.Asan. He noted that it is important to continue researching a number of theoretical issues facing the intellectual property institute in modern times, including the interrelationship between copyright and industrial property.

K. Imanov noted that the National Strategy in the field of copyright, which is one of the main branches of intellectual property, was prepared a few years ago, and after the establishment of the Intellectual Property Agency by Decree No. 5 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 20, 2018, which also covers the part of intellectual property related to industrial property drew attention to the fact that work is being done on the preparation of a new strategy and that WIPO's support is necessary in this area.

The head of the agency emphasized that there are some gaps in the compilation of the Global Innovation Index (GII) and said that an extensive analysis of the parts of the GII related to Azerbaijan was carried out, and this issue was discussed in different formats. In this area, he proposed to hold a comprehensive meeting with the relevant structural units of the WIPO on the issues of the compilation of the GII with the participation of the representatives of the relevant structures of Azerbaijan.

K. Imanov gave information about the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev dated June 15, 2022 "On Stimulation of Inventive Activity". According to the decree, 50 percent of the costs paid by the rights holders who are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan for patenting inventions and utility models in foreign countries through the international system of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and keeping them valid for the first three years will be financed by the state.

Expressing his gratitude for the meeting, H. Asan emphasized that WIPO is interested in continuing cooperation with our country and noted the importance of clearly defining the directions of joint activities. It was noted that the possibilities of the intellectual property institution to respond to modern challenges have passed through the formation of a single intellectual property ecosystem as a result of mutual relations. He pointed out that in this process, along with improving the legal framework and ensuring the reliability of rights protection, the intellectual property penetrates deeper into economic processes, the application of innovations, the transfer and commercialization of technologies, and the support of small and medium entrepreneurship are aimed at improving the welfare of societies.

During the meeting, other issues related to intellectual property were also discussed within the framework of joint actions to be implemented in 2023.

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